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Snuza Pico - Baby Sleep Monitor


Product Description

Next Generation Smart Wearable Baby Monitor!

Snuza® Pico is 40% smaller than the Snuza® HERO, and vibrates after 15 seconds of no movement in an effort to rouse your baby to resume abdominal movement.
This is then followed by a loud alarm if a further 5 seconds passes with no abdominal movement. The Snuza® Pico app allows for real-time view of all the parameters being measured 
Abdominal Movement Rate, Skin Temperature, Body Position and even Fall Detection if your baby takes a tumble!

Why Snuza® Pico?

• Measure Abdominal Breathing Movement, Body Temperature, Body Position
• Fall alert, if the baby takes a tumble
• Small – clips onto baby’s diaper
• Portable – cordless baby monitor
• Easy-to-use
• Rechargeable
• Streams information to a smartphone or tablet

It is advisable not to use the Snuza® Pico when the baby is in motion, e.g. in a car seat or a stroller.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I connect two smart devices to my Snuza® Pico at the same time? No. Only one smart device can be connected to your Snuza® Pico at the same time.

I cannot register my Snuza® Pico.  Please check if your spouse or partner have not already registered it. Or if you have a second hand monitor* please contact the previous owner of the Snuza® Pico and request that they deactivate the Snuza® Pico. Log in with previous users details at and click on the red de-activate button at the bottom of the page and then register the monitor in your name. *We do not promote the purchase of second hand devices due to hygiene and quality reasons.

Why is the temperature not accurate when I first put the Snuza® Pico on? When you first put the Snuza® Pico on, it is slightly colder than your baby and tends to reduce the temperature of the skin around the Snuza® Pico. Leave the Snuza® Pico on the baby for 10 – 15 minutes in order to limit this effect.

Why is the Snuza® Pico not staying connected to the phone and what can I do about it?  Bluetooth Low Energy technology has limited range but you can do some simple things to improve this:

  • Don’t mount the Snuza® Pico where the baby is likely to lie on-top of it or huddle up around it. The best place for the best connection is in the middle of your baby’s tummy.
  • Don’t have your phone in your pocket. Rather place it on a non-conductive surface.
  • Try limit the number of obstacles between the Snuza® Pico and phone, especially metal obstacles.
  • If you are using 2.4 GHz WiFi it can cause interference. Rather use 5 GHz WiFi if you are able to.


Why am I getting false breathing alarms? The Snuza® Pico is designed to sense abdominal movement and so if there is no movement detected it will alarm. To avoid false alarms ensure you have attached Snuza® Pico firmly to the nappy as indicated in the Quick Start Guide and place the Snuza® Pico where the baby will not lie on the device.

The Snuza® Pico alarms while I’m feeding or changing the baby! There is a pause function on the Snuza® Pico that can be activated from the smart phone or by un-clipping the Snuza® Pico and briefly pressing the power button.

Can the app be loaded onto multiple phones to simultaneously pair with one Snuza® Pico? The app can be loaded onto multiple phones but only one phone can be connected to the Snuza® Pico at a time.

Can multiple Snuza® Pico’s be monitored from the same phone? Yes, up to a maximum of three Snuza® Pico’s can be connected to one smart phone or tablet.

I didn’t receive the registration email? Please first check your junk mail folder if you don’t find the email try login with your username, it will offer to send the confirmation email again. Alternately you could go to and enter the email you used to register. If the email is not found simply register with it. If you still experience problems please send your email address and username to so we can investigate.

How do I connect a second user to the Snuza® Pico? The easiest way is to log into the second phones Snuza app with the same username and password (note only one phone can be connected to the Snuza® Pico at a time). Alternately, the Snuza® Pico can be shared with a second registered user via the Snuza Connect website by clicking on “Devices” and sending an invite by entering an email address under “Secondary Users”. This invite will need to be accepted by the recipient, and the recipient must have an account.

The Snuza® Pico won’t connect, what can I do? Check that the Snuza® Pico is on. Check if the blue connection light is flashing, if it is, check that other smart devices in the house are not connected to it. Try exiting or swiping the app away and restarting it. Try resetting the Snuza® Pico by holding the power button for longer than 10 seconds, remember to turn it on again. If all of these don’t help send your serial number to so we can investigate.

The graphs have disappeared from the iPhone app how do I get them back? With the Snuza® Pico connected to the app, click on the baby’s name or picture to navigate to the settings page. Then switch on the appropriate switches under display settings. Alternatively, you can go to the bottom of the settings page and click the defaults button.

The Snuza® Pico is falling off the diaper. First make sure that the top lever is seated correctly, then ensure that the thin flap of the diaper is folded over the ticker part, which is what the clip grips on to.

The Clip is very loose and not seated properly. The clip is designed to be replaceable and will unseat if moved more than 60 degrees past the closed position. There is a friction stop at 60 degrees, but with a little force, it can be moved beyond this. To re-seat the clip. please follow this How To video:

The ‘tick’ functionality has gone. The firmware is continuously being improved to make the product better. As part of this process, a new breathing detection algorithm was developed which is vastly more effective than before. The downside is that the ‘tick’ functionality has temporarily been removed while we work on making it compatible with the new improved algorithm.

Read the basic tips for using your Snuza® Pico smart wearable movement monitor below.

Snuza® Pico is a mobile movement monitor so the non-contact sensor must always be in contact with the baby’s tummy. The non-contact sensor however will still detect movement if it loses contact with the tummy for a few seconds.

To prevent unnecessary false alarms caused by Snuza® Pico being out of range of abdominal movement:

  • Use the correct size diaper. Diapers that are too big will loosen around the waistband and the Snuza® Pico will not be positioned correctly
  • Fold the waistband or top edge of the diaper over to create a double-fold, giving Snuza® Pico a firm grip on the diaper.
  • Adjust the adhesive tapes so that there is a snug fit around the tummy.
  • Make sure that Snuza® Pico is firmly and fully clipped onto the folded waistband.
  • Make sure that the non-contact sensor is position towards the baby’s tummy and in contact with the baby.

Please note: Snuza® abdominal movement monitors detect the slightest movement, including movement from external sources such as when travelling in a vehicle, pushing a pram, etc. Snuza® Pico should only be relied upon when there is no external movement present, i.e. when the vehicle, pram, carry cot, etc. is stationery.

Tips for attaching the Snuza® Pico

  • If you find that the Snuza® Pico is coming loose once baby starts moving around, we suggest a snug-fitting Carter’s onesie and pants set.
  • Another option is to use a safety pin – insert it through the material and through the back of the clip – the clip is designed in such a way that this is possible. It won’t come off until you remove the safety pin. This is only recommended before the diaper goes on so that there’s no risk of hurting baby.

Attaching the Snuza® Pico to clothing

  • Snuza® Pico is also a clip-on baby monitor and can be clipped onto the waistband of elasticated pants, as long as the sensor maintains contact with the baby’s tummy area.
  • There may also be a thin layer of clothing (e.g. a vest) between the sensor and the skin, but ensure that the sensor maintains contact.
  • The Snuza® Pico can also be used if baby is dressed in light clothing (for example, a onesie) over the diaper or pants to which the Snuza® Pico is attached.
  • Too much clothing may attenuate or muffle the alarm. Make sure the alarm can be heard if baby is covered in clothing and/or blankets.

If you follow these guidelines properly, you can rest assured that baby’s every movement is being monitored.

Recharging the Battery

The Snuza® Pico makes use of a rechargeable battery and is a sealed unit.

To charge the Snuza® Pico, place it in the USB charging station (Supplied with the Snuza® Pico) for 2 hours.

A full charge allows for up to 40 hours of usage.


Nett: Approximately 40g (unit)
Gross: Approximately 200g (packaged)
Unit size:  
Length: 46.32mm
Width: 40.19mm
Depth: 15.60mm
Battery: (rechargeable) Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Pack size:  
Length: 130mm
Width: 180mm
Depth: 60mm
Noise level of alarm: 85 dBm at 10cm
Materials used: Medical grade polycarbonate FDA approved thermoplastic-elastomer.
Certification: CE (2001/95/EC, 89/336/EEC) (TV Rheinland)
  RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive - Europe)
  FCC (Federal Communications Commission - USA)
  ISO9001:2008 - manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility

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